Marble Sorter

Marbles come in all sizes. They roll, drop, and plop as they make their way down the toothpick structure and come to rest in a favorite bin.

Monogrammed Toast

Dogs Like 3D too!

Use PhotoShop to create 3D names that pop from out of the page.


It all depends on how you look at it.

Catching Fire

Embed a message inside a candle. Burn it down to reveal the gift recipient.

Introducing The Mad Wrapper

The Art of Wrapping Gifts the Hard Way.
Rube Goldberg would feel at home if he visited our house on a Christmas morning. All Mad Wrapper Christmas wrapping jobs strive for Goldberg excellence. A few of them even approximate the complexity. Through the use of 3D imagery, jigsaw technology, marble madness, real live fire, or electronic geekatude (to name a few), gifting has grown into a very strange occurrence at our home.

Is it a coincidence that the first strange tag from The Mad Wrapper was created almost exactly on the date of Goldberg's death? Does his spirit live on? In what form? Granted, The Mad Wrapper was in infancy in December of 1970 but the concept has grown far out of proportion since that time.

This site is both show-and-tell and HOWTO. Have fun browsing pictures and videos of The Mad Wrapper creations. Also I hope I have given enough detail so you can learn how to make them.